Wheels 4 Robbie 2014 Regs

Newtown MC“On 15th June 2014 Newtown and District Automobile Club will promote a single-venue Targa Rally at Throckmorton Airfield near Pershore.

A Targa Rally is basically a Road Rally not a Single Venue Stage Rally.

The Targa rally will have approx 40 miles of driving tests used during the day.

We have to run this event as clubman status rally – which avoids the need for an MSA competition licence, but means all competitors must produce a NADAC club card at signing on, competitors who are not members already can pay £5 (until 31/12/14). Apply for membership on entry form if needed. Not available on the day. Cards will be handed out at signing on and not posted beforehand.

All cars must comply with R18 (Road Rally Regulations). New rule R18.6.6 for daylight road rallies allows cars to be more than one colour, and to carry up to 1250 sq. cm of advertising (the area of 2 sheets of A4 paper).

Keep an eye on the British Rally Forum and www.newtown-mc.co.uk for additional information.

The organising team looks forward to seeing you on the day.”

Documentation: www.newtown-mc.co.uk/page_type3.asp?content=roadrally