Washingpool Farm 2016 Regs

“On Saturday 25th June 2016, Tavern Motor Club will organise a single-venue Targa Rally at Washingpool Farm, near Bristol.

A Targa Rally has a number of tests set out in different layouts which will vary in distance during the day. The average speed of the rally is limited to 30mph.

Following last year’s successful event, a similar format will be used this year. There will be 10 Tests giving 25-30 minutes of competitive motoring. The surface will be a mixture of concrete with plenty of smooth gravel and a few sections of grass (depending on the weather). 2 tests will be laid out at the same time, one around and through the farm buildings and the other more open and flowing.

As all the Tests are at a single venue, double driving is encouraged. e.g. One competitor can drive with a navigator, then the navigator can drive and the driver navigate, either in the same car or different cars. One car may be driven by two different drivers.

To ensure there is no advantage to the second driver, the first driver will drive first in the morning, and the second driver first in the afternoon when the tests are reversed.

The event will be run as closed-to-club – thus avoiding the need for an MSA competition licence, but this means all competitors must be members of Tavern Motor Club. Membership is available at a special price of £2.50 each – this is only available to competitors who have not been members of Tavern in the previous 3 years.

The Targa Rally will be open to cars complying with Road Rally or Historic Road Rally rules. See SR 7 for more details.

Cars can be more than one colour and carry up to 1250 sq cm of advertising (the area of 2 sheets of A4 paper) ONLY. Large logos will need to be removed or completely covered up.

Cars must be road legal in all respects, and be fitted with rear seats, headlining and door cards. If you do not have a suitable car to compete in, please come along and marshal. Entry Form and Entry List are available at www.tavernmotorclub.co.uk”

Documentation: www.tavernmotorclub.co.uk/#!washingpool-targa-rally-25-june-2016