Twilight 2013 Regs

Ecurie Cymraeg“The Twilight ran for the first time in 2003 to a format very similar to this years event. The whole package offers an excellent afternoon/evening’s sport, starting early afternoon with an early finish so that Sunday can go un-wasted. To keep everything simple the start and finish of the event will be in the same location and ample parking for any trailer will be available nearby. Scrutuneering and the administrative formalities will be completed on Saturday afternoon with the first car starting early in the evening. Following the final section of the event the first car is expected to arrive back at the finish venue at 2.30 on Sunday morning.

The 2013 event is aimed at helping crews who are beginners or novices to have a good days sport whilst gaining experience of the skills needed to compete in the ever popular sport of road rallying. We also believe it will provide a good test for much more experienced crews, although they will not be eligible for overall results.

Being an event for less experienced crews the route instructions will be straight forward. Examples of these instructions will be available on the events website closer to the start of the event so everyone will know exactly what to expect. The event is run as closed to club so no MSA competition licence will be required further keeping the cost down for first time participants (membership of the organising club is included in the entry fee).

On the day there will be officials on hand to help any crews that are struggling with the route. Please DO NOT be shy if you are unsure, ask someone – this is what they are there for.

With this purpose in mind the event will be made up of three distinct sections.

Firstly following the formalities of scrutineering and signing on, all of the route instructions will be issued to the competing crews. After a short time to digest the instructions, crews will set off to complete a series of approximately 8 special tests. These will be held on private land and linked by sections of public road. Navigation will be by an easy to follow tulip road book, with a very relaxed time schedule, so there will be no need to rush on the road sections. The special tests will involve no reversing and involve negotiating a preset course define by roads, fixed and temporary obstacles. On these sections crews will start at 1 minute intervals and be timed to the second. During this period of the event there will be some time for crews to start to digest the route instructions for the remainder of the event.

Following this there will be an evening halt where crews will have plenty of time to finish plotting the route for the sections to come. At approximately 22.45 crews will start the Jogularity section following a route described by words and tulip diagrams at a constant average speed. The instructions will include distances to, and times that you should pass, landmarks along the route. The distance between landmarks is small so staying on time should be straightforward. Along the route of the jogularity you will arrive at secret time controls where you will be timed to the second. If you have been passing all the landmarks at the correct time then you will have maintained the correct average speed and receive a penalty of 0. If however, you have gone too fast / slow the penalty will be the amount of time early or late that you arrive at the control. Jogularity is a form of Regularity that many people believe is difficult. It is the organisers intention to prove to inexperienced competitors just how straightforward it actually is.

Finally on completion of the Jogularity competitors will go straight into the third section of the event starting the traditional night section at midnight, with thie first car arriving at the finish at 02.30. Navigation for this section will be by normal ordnance survey grid references throughout. There will be no complications such as gridlines, herringbones, spot heights etc… that are sometimes used on events.

Although the area covered by the rally contains some wonderful roads, the population is quite high, so we want to cause as little inconvenience as possible to non-rally residents. Public road mileage will be made up of Standard, Jogularity, Neutral and Transport sections.

We stress that this is a Navigational Rally and it will adhere strictly to Navigational Rally rules and regulations. Competing cars must be to Road Rally specification and must comply with their Technical Regulations.

We are extremely grateful to everyone who has rendered assistance, to the event and to the Marshals who will appear from all parts to make your event possible. We look forward to receiving your entry to an event, which, we have no doubt, you will thoroughly enjoy.

All events run by the club are done in aid of a charity. The Twilight has for a number of years, been dedicated to raising money for the Wales Air Ambulance, and this year will be no different. Any additional donations that you may be able to raise in addition to your participation in the event will be very gratefully received.

Even though the event does not require a competition licence from the Motorsports Association to enable competitors to compete, it does however, run to the regulations of the Association. Within the Supplementary Regulations there are various references to items contained within the the Associations Year (“Blue”) Book. You will need as competitors to have site of this book by possibly borrowing one from a more experienced competitor.”