Tour of Mournes 2016 Regs

“Hello everyone – welcome to the 2016 Tour of the Mournes Rally run by Rathfriland Motor Club.

There is no Navigation Rally Championship in 2016, and instead events are being run geared primarily for beginners and novices, of which this is the first.

We have created an event which has some special features for beginners – for instance there will be an additional halt in the first half to allow novice navigators to catch their breath.

The event is being run on a compact route around Rathfriland, and copies of the map required will be available for novice and beginner crews.

Expert and semi-expert crews can enter in their own class but will not be eligible for overall victory – that will go to a novice or beginner crew.

We hope some experienced competitors will take the opportunity to take a novice navigator round for the event.

If you are not able to compete, why not marshal on the event?

Marshals are more than welcome, and you can always learn by watching crews compete. If you’re interested in marshalling (or know someone else who is) please contact Ashley Boulton on 07724 386 945.”