The Premier Rally Championship

Logo (Long)It’s my pleasure to announce The Premier Rally Championship! Organised by the HRCR with myself (Daniel Pidgeon) acting as the championship co-ordinator. An all-new initiative, this is a national road rally championship with a wide range of events that caters for all types of car; Road, Navigational, Endurance, Classic, Historic, Targa and Vintage.

Embraced within the Champion is a scheme where points can be won in any three Endurance permit events, and any three Targa permit events, and two longer events, The Three Castles and The Flying Scotsman, as well as traditional night Road rallies, Navigational permit events as well as Classic and Historic, including all the rounds in the HRCR Clubmans road-rally championship.

The Championship is designed to be a national road rally championship with a very wide range of style of events, in effect embracing all styles of road rallying for all the very varied types of car competing. It is not “car based” with eligibility and scrutineering standards – if it fits the event that is a round of the Premier Championship, the car is eligible. Its chiefly designed for people – not car specific.

Championship details are provisional and subject to final approval by the MSA, but they are happy with everything so far. The first year of this all-new rallying initiative from the HRCR will be 2015. The Championship requires membership of the HRCR and contenders must register with a championship entry-fee of £20.

The website will be used where you can get a copy of the regulations and the entry form as well as all the up to date information and results tables. This website will be finished by the end of next week and I will post a reply below when it is ‘live’.

We have a total of 20 Road/Navigational events and 15 Classic/Historic/Vintage events which are as follows:

7/8th Feb – Bath Festival – Bath MC
7/8th Feb – Bruce Robinson – Lincoln MC & CC
21/22nd Feb – Illfracombe – North Devon MC
14/15th Mar – John Robson – Hexham & District MC
4/5th Apr – The Devils Tour – Devizes & District MC
11/12 Apr – Winter Challenge – North Wales CC
18/19th Apr – Kick Energy Rally of Derbyshire – Matlock MC
25/26th Apr – Primrose Trophy – Clitheroe & District MC
9/10th May – Altratech 061 – Stockport 061 MC
19/20 Sep – Mercian – Rugby MC
7/8 Nov – Dansport – Matlock MC
TBA – 1000 Lanes – Heads of the Valleys AC (HOVAC)
TBA – Beaver – Beverley & District MC
TBA – Carvers Traders – Burnham-On-Sea MC
TBA – Clitheronian – Clitheroe & District MC
TBA – Guy Fawkes – South Hams MC
TBA – Northumberland Borders – Mini Cooper Register
TBA – Primrose – South Hams MC
TBA – The Preston – Chelmsford MC
TBA – Rali Bryniau Clwyd – Broughton & Bretton MC

14/15th Mar – Hexham Historic – Hexham & District MC
12th Apr – Ilkley Jubilee – Ilkley & District MC
17-19th Apr – The Flying Scotsman – The Endurance Rally Association (ERA)
2/3rd May – The Berwick Classic – Berwick & District MC
16th May – Leukaemia Historic – Ecurie Cymraeg
4-6th June – Three Castles Trial – Three Castles MC
TBA – East Anglian Classic – Chelmsford MC
TBA – Hughes – Blackpalfrey MC of Kent
TBA – North Yorkshire Classic – York MC
TBA – Ross Traders – Ross & District MC
TBA – St Wilfrids – Ripon MSC
TBA – The Huntsman – Carlton & District MC
TBA – Throckmorton Challenge – Historic Endurance Rally Organisation (HERO)
TBA – Tour of Cheshire – Knutsford & District MC
TBA – Vale of Clwyd Classic – Clwyd Vale MC

Participants highest 10 points will count towards the final table. So essentially you could do 10 road events, or 10 classic events or mix it up a little with 3 enduro’s, 3 classic, 2 targa’s and 2 road events. There will be extra awards for people who mix it up a little more.

I’m sure there will be several questions, some of which will be answered by the regulations next week, but please feel free to ask and I will get back to you as and when I can. Yes I agree that this won’t be for everyone, but I hope it’s a step in the right direction to give the ‘road’ scene a boost in areas that it is needed.

Many Thanks
Daniel Pidgeon
Championship Coordinator