Springfling 2015 Regs

Dungannon MC“Welcome to Dungannon Motor Club’s Gerry McVeigh Cars van Springfling Lanes Rally, which will run as a Targa Rally in accordance with Motor Sports Association (MSA) Regulations and with the protocol prepared by the Association of Northern Ireland (ANICC) Targa Rally Monitoring Panel.

The event will comprise of a number of timed Special Tests which will run in private grounds mostly sealed surfaces.

The route between Special Tests will be identified by simple navigation using tulip diagrams in the form of a road book which will be supplied by the organising club.

Special Test information will be supplied in the form of diagrams and other information. Bogey times for Special Tests will be set on the basis of an average speed of 30mph and a range of measures will be used to ensure that bogey times are not beaten. Such measures will include chicanes, slaloms and stop boxes.

Timing on connecting sections will be set to a very easy schedule and crews will be permitted to wait at Main Time Controls for their due time. The event will be based at Cohannon Inn.

The schedule for the event is as follows:
-Entries open on publication of these Supplementary Regulations;
-Entries close on Saturday 11th April 2015;
-Final Instructions No 1 will be sent out by email and posted on the club website, www.dungannonmotorclub.co.uk, no later than Thur 16th April

Saturday 18th April
1. 07.30 – 9.00 Car scrutiny and documentation
2. 09.30 Drivers Briefing
3. 10.01 First car starts
4. 15.30 (approx) First cars finishes
5. 16.30 (approx) Prize giving

The entry fee for the event is £75.00 and this includes breakfast for both crew members following signing-on.”

Documentation: www.anicc.org.uk/Discipline.aspx?d=17