Ryemoor Trophy 2015 Regs

Malton MC“Welcome to our 15th Ryemoor Trophy, once again running as a National B Road Rally as part of the ANCC, SD34, ANEMMC, EMAMC & KLMC Road Rally Championships, for which we are proud to be associated.

This year’s route will once again traverse some of North Yorkshire’s finest roads with the use of some areas not visited on the Ryemoor Trophy for several years. The organising team is made up of experienced road rally competitors with the aim to put on a high quality route without car breaking whites, although a sump guard is as always recommended for the more flamboyant drivers, but by no means essential.

The navigation will be simple plot and bash that is not designed to catch crews out so there is no reason why all crews shouldn’t be able to complete the route. Route instructions will in the main part take the form of grid references, map features, tulips and herringbones.

We hope you all have an enjoyable night’s sport.”

Documentation: www.maltonmc.co.uk/ryemoor-trophy-rally