Road Rally Display at Rallyday 2015

I’ve been speaking to the organisers about possibly having a display for Road Rallying at this years Rally Day at Castle Combe (19th September) to try and promote the sport.

Photo by JMS Photographic, via Racingist;

Would anyone be interested in bringing their cars along and even some track time if you would like it?

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I would ideally like a great mix of cars from all the different types of event, Road, Enduro, Classic, Targa etc and would also like different budget cars. So from your near enough standard road car all the way to your £10k or above Escorts, Porsche’s etc.

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Cost is currently at £13 which is the same as to the public, but it will be only £10 or each additional passenger (instead of £13) and you get to show off your car.

Photo by JMS Photographic, via Racingist;

Track time would be £28 unless we can get 20 cars to have a session to ourselves which will come to £22.50 each. (Approx 5 laps depending how quick you are!)

Photo by JMS Photographic, via Racingist;

If your interested then please email ([email protected]) me with your Name and Car Details.

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I would ideally like this to be sorted by the end of April or ticket prices will rise by £5.