Rali Mynydd Du 2015 Regs

“Welcome to 2015 Rali Mynydd Du, sponsored by CW Auto body Repairs.

The event will start in Pontardawe Rugby Club and Finish at the Celtic Minor Golf Club and will cover approximately 90 miles on maps 159, 160 and 170. It will be made up of 95% tarmac roads and 5% unmetalled roads. Maps 159 & 170 will be provided.

The entry fee will include two food tickets for the finish.

Please note that, as a condition of entering the event, every crew must provide a marshal – no marshal, no start and no refund of entry fee.

Please note that the eligibility criteria for classes 1, 2 and 3 may differ slightly from those on other events.”

Documentation: www.redkitestages.co.uk/competitor-information