Rali Bro Caron 2014 Review

8th - Andy Davies & Lee Taylor
Andy Davies & Lee Taylor – Photo by Kieran Price Photography, http://www.facebook.com/KieranPricePhotography

This review echo’s the sentiments of crews I spoke to at breakfast. Hats off to George, Pinky and the rest of the team at LDMC, what an absolute cracker. A classic Bro Caron and one of the best events I’ve ever been fortunate enough to compete on. The event was run using some of the best roads 146 had to offer with no trickery or tests, just good old welsh road rallying within a set radius of Lampeter. The smiling faces and compliments from everyone at the breakfast venue were a testament to the hard work and diligence that went into that route.

Personally we had a decent run, one small mistake that cost us a good minute and a few sloppy overshoots but other than that, nothing major and pleased enough with 8th. Any result, average or above, was secondary to a great laugh in the car with Lee once again, who kept us on the road all night.

A big well done to John and Nick on a well deserved win, consistent and accurate pace that paid off. Well done and commiserations to Justin and Nia as well, some pace displayed first half fair play. Also nice to see the Civic on spectacular revving form with Spidi and Edryd and fellow Subaru rival IDZ with Adrian and Aled back in the top three where it belongs.

It’s events like that, where a result is secondary to enjoyment that keep us all coming back and what makes road rallying special.

Andy Davies, Driver – Car 6, Subaru Impreza (8th o/a)

Thanks to Bethan Evans (www.facebook.com/bethan.evans.77), Gary Jones Photography (www.garyphotos.zenfolio.com), Isaac Martin (www.facebook.com/isaac.martin.129), Kieran Price Photography (www.facebook.com/KieranPricePhotography) & R.C.Scene Photography (www.facebook.com/rhydian.jones.372) for all of the photos. Make sure you head over to their websites for more photos and information on how to purchase yourself a copy.