Primrose Trophy 2015 Regs

1st - Pete James Tyson & Neil Harrison
2014 Winners, Pete James Tyson & Neil Harrison – Photo by Nord West Photography,

“The Primrose Trophy Rally 2015

In 2014 the decision was taken to resurrect the Primrose Trophy Rally, this event was one of Clitheroe and District Motor Clubs oldest events harking back to the days when the club was originally formed. The Primrose Trophy was named after Primrose Garages, the original sponsor of the event, where members of the club used to work. Carrying on that tradition, the Primrose Trophy is now once again sponsored by a garage that the organisers work for, however the original name has been retained.

The event was resurrected in 2014 after a successful 12 car event using the Primrose name in 2013. The first year was a real baptism of fire with both Maurice and myself learning a lot from the event. Once again, like last year, we have listened to the comments of you, the competitors, and tried to produce an even better spectacle for you this year. This year‟s event includes some whites, and lots of classic lanes on 97, 98, 102 and 103.

Once again, we are going with the principal that plot and bash can be easy and you don‟t need a MENSA degree to be able to do this sort of event, so please do not be put off by the fact that it is plot and bash, speak to some of the competitors from last year, they‟ll tell you how easy the navigation was.

This year we were honoured to be asked to include our event in 6 championships, these are;
ANCC Road Rally Championship
ANEMCC Road Rally Championship
ANWCC Road Rally Championship
HCRC Premier Rally Championship
SD34 MSG Road Rally Championship
SD34 MSG Inter-Club League

Also we were honoured to receive the SD34 MSG Road rally of the year trophy, this was voted for by you, the competitors and means a great deal to the organising team who had many sleepless nights organising this event! So thank you once again

As per last year, we realise we are here to provide you with events that you want to spend your hard earned money doing, we welcome any constructive feedback after the event. Also we are available to discuss any queries before the event. Please feel free to contact me directly on [email protected]