Preston Regardless 2014 Regs

Garstang & Preston MC“As per the Memorial Road Rally we are running a 95% tarmac, all map reference event on maps 97,98, 102 and 103. The event will be a fast flowing challenge to both driver and navigator following the same format that GPMC used over over the past few years. Sump guards are recommended for the more competitive driver but all roads used have been traversed using a standard road going vehicle. All competitors including beginners are welcome, and we are pleased to continue our association with the SD34 Championship.

As part of the 50th Anniversary of Garstang and Preston Motor Club we are resurrecting a road rally last run in 1980, but run to comply with 2014 MSA regulations. The organisers aim to provide 190 miles on the roads of Lancashire Cumbria and North Yorkshire which will follow the same no nonsense format as the Memorial Road Rally. The organisers are keen to attract newcomers to the sport and as such will be running a beginners class on this event with suitable navigation to ensure they can achieve a finish.

The Club wishes all competitors and marshals an enjoyable and safe night’s sport.”

Documentation: Regulations and Entry Form ’14

Please note the date typo which should read 29th/30th of November.