Platinum Ilfracombe 2016 Regs

“We are calling it the ‘Platinum’ Ilfracombe Rally since the Club is celebrating 70 years since it was established; and though the Ilfracombe may not go back quite that far it was certainly around in the early fifties [that’s last century!]. So this year the award winning event moves West.

Starting near Torrington, we can offer 120 miles of classic Devon lanes with the best of the roads in the Hartland area, a little of the route on 180 but the majority on 190. We hope it will prove a challenge for both Driver and Navigator. There is the minimum of Red and Brown roads and petrol will be available after 50 miles. The navigation will be straightforward with the few sections of Plot n Bash being basic and easy.

The entry fee is £80.00 which will include 2 breakfasts and the standard rate of insurance is £13.00. We look forward to receiving your entry but if you can’t enter please support the event by marshalling.”