Peak Revs 2013 Review

Ludlow Castle MCNever competed on the Peak Revs, but heard a lot about the event so thought I would pop an entry in! Initially with Marcus Naylor, but due to a gearbox blowing up on the Powys Lanes the car wasn’t going to be ready, so in stepped Matthew Bevan in the 205!

Arrived at Leominster with plenty of time to spare and event got picked up from the trailer park after dropping the cars down there as the start was going to be locked up. Great start venue with everything all in one place and well set out.

This years Peak Revs was a short 80-90 mile dash through the lanes with no fuel halts, so it was going to be over sooner then you knew it!

After the recent rain and the amount of mud on the roads it was going to be a slippy one! Plotting went all ok and everything was put onto the maps with plenty of time left over!

The first few sections went well with the back end of the car stepping out slightly. The biggest worry was the car spinning a full 180 at around 20mph on a neutral! I think that was a little insight into what the rest of the night was going to be like!

The route was great with some tight twisty sections, farms and also a 8 minute long forest to blast around (which was very slippy!). The guys in the red 106 behind us (think it was John Tomley & Daniel Petrie) were soon up behind us and pushing us on! Fair play boys, you’ve got the speed! We soon pulled over to let them past to find them down the road in a couple minutes in a field spinning around! Did make us laugh! The car wasn’t seat up well for the whites so a couple of them were a little rough, the old railway line was a brilliant section!

While plotting there was a little bit on confusion around PCY, it plotted all ok but it had an approach of east, depart west. The road looked like a T Junction with a road running from south to north and a slot off to the left. On the right being what looked like a path! So we plotted it and waited until we got there! When pulling up to the junction we carried on past the road going to the PC to investigate the path, and it turned out to be a dodgy little rough white! And lo and behold, a PC at the bottom. It seem’s like this caught out quick a few people! One of which got a wrong approach while we were there.

Overall a brilliant little event which was all go! Would of personally liked it a little longer! We were finish by 3:30 which seamed a little early! But every event is different and we still enjoyed it!

Thanks a lot of Matt and the model for the skids! Literally! Also thanks to all the guys at Ludlow Castle Motor Club! Will hopefully be back next year to better my result!

Daniel Pidgeon, Nav – Car 40, Peugeot 205 (25th o/a)