Pacemaker 2015 Regs

1st - Richard Jerman & Lowri Davies - PSP
2014 Winners, Richard Jerman & Lowri Davies – Photo by Power Shot Photography,

“Welcome to the 2015 Knighton Motor Club Pacemaker Road Rally sponsored by Lennox Electrical.

Once again we would like to thank the organising committee on your behalf for their time and effort in putting on the event.

During the past Nine years, Knighton Motor Club has seen the Pacemaker Rally gain Thirteen “Best Event” awards in various Championships. Throughout these years, Road Rallying has dramatically changed and the Pacemaker rally has always been at the front, providing a challenge for the best crews in the country. Given the success of last year’s Event and the feedback received, the club have decided to stick with the “Short and Sharp” format again this year, with a fuel stop on route.

We promise an intense Rally from Start to Finish, it might only be a 100mile, however in true Pacemaker Style is will be Non-Stop all night.”