Pacemaker 2013 Regs

Knighton MC“Welcome to the 2013 Knighton Motor Club Pacemaker Road Rally sponsored by Rob Smith Rallying

Once again we would like to thank the organising committee on your behalf for their time and effort in putting on the event.

During the past eight years, Knighton Motor Club has seen the Pacemaker Rally gain Ten “Best Event” awards in various Championships. Throughout these years, Road Rallying has dramatically changed and the Pacemaker rally has always been at the front, providing a challenge for the best crews in the country.

Current time’s means the rally has to change again, the organising team have decided to withdraw the Pacemaker from the Welsh Road Rally Championship and alter the format so it becomes a rally run by competitors for competitors.

75mile route with minimal neutral sections, for £75

You won’t be disappointed”