Nithsdale Targa 2013 Regs

SOSCC“On 5 May 2013, the South of Scotland Car Club Ltd will promote a multi-venue Targa Rally in the
Nithsdale District of Dumfries and Galloway, South West Scotland

Those of you who have previously competed on our auto tests should not notice a difference in the format or test presentation, mixing loose tracks, private roads, airfield and smooth concrete.

As the event runs to MSA rally regulations we now pay increased insurance costs in 2013, and for this reason we have set the entry fee at £37.00. Insurance will be available via Lockton.

We are electing to run this event as ‘closed to club’ which avoids the need for an MSA competition licence, but means all competitors must produce a SoSCC club card at signing on. Memberships will be available at signing on.

There will be no Historic class for this event in 2013 (as classes have to be ability-based) but we will offer an award for ‘best historic’ if there are 5 or more entries with pre-1982 cars.

New 2013 rule R18.6.6 for daylight road rallies allows cars to be more than one colour, and to carry up to 1250 sq cm of advertising (the area of 2 sheets of A4 paper).”