Myotis 2013 Regs

Myotis“If Carlsberg did navigational rallies…it would probably be…THE MYOTIS RALLY!

Well, we know that those who have had a taste of it over the past 3 years have loved it, so why not?

Devizes and District Motor Club is pleased to announce that it will be running the MYOTIS RALLY this year on Saturday 20th/21st April 2013 starting and finishing in Devizes, Wilts. This will be the third round of the ASWMC 2013 Navigational Rally Championships.

For those of you unfamiliar with the style of this event, it’s a navigational rally where most of the competitive sections will be on roads that have been built to ‘all weather standard’ for military use and are similar to the best forestry roads. The route passes a hand full of houses and areas of habitation. Our aim is to again run an event in an area of Southern England that very rarely sees a rally car. We’ve also demonstrated over the last three years that this is not an event that will damage your car and the roads will be less harmful to wheels and tyres than some events held in the lanes.

The event will build on the success of the last three years as we continue to strive to produce a challenging event for you. We always listen carefully to your feedback and try to incorporate what you want into the next event. So, we think we have now got the format just about right for you the competitors: no plot and bash, pre-printed marked maps for all crews. There will be tests timed to the second that will be held on private land. Again, we have managed to find you some new and previously unused for rallying of any sort, lovely, deserted, military roads. Because of this we will not be using some of the faster roads from previous years and anticipate about half of the roads will be new for the MYOTIS. It will be fun! In all, the route will be about 130 miles.

Breakfast will be of the Full English type and will be included in the entry fee!

Some key messages.

Date has changed from usual May Bank holiday weekend due to land availability from landowner [the Army!]. Now 20/21 April 2013

Reduced [limited] mileage run out from start and back to finish- all competitive mileage on private land

You will pass only a hand full of occupied properties and are unlikely to encounter other road users or law enforcement agencies

There will be a Clubman event/class

We will again be supporting the Wiltshire Air Ambulance.”