Moonraker 2013 Regs

Dungannon MC“A round of the McGrady Insurance N.I. Navigation Rally Championship 6 September 2013

Dungannon Motor Club has a long heritage of running great events. If you have lost
interest in night navigation rallies, it may be time to think again!

Compact 80 miles night navigational rally, all on sheet 19, using Co Tyrone’s great lanes. Not only using the narrow white roads in the County, but also some of the hundreds of lanes through private farm lands. This will add to the challenge of following the correct route, and it will be fun to drive over these lanes as many have unsurfaced stretches.

Usual challenging exercises for Class 1 (Experts) to solve, and not quite so challenging for Classes 2 (Semi-experts), and Class 3 (Novice Championship participants)

“No tricks” instructions for beginners (Class 4) – emphasis will be on adherence to correct route and maintaining the set average speed:

-Map References and Tulip Instructions only,

-Adequate time for plotting the route on each section,

-Information on any not-as-map junctions will be provided,

-30 MPH average expected throughout – each minute equates to 0.5 miles of road.

Strict STOP/GIVE WAY policy”