M&H Photography Targa 2014 Regs

1st - David Lobb & Jim Bowie - M&H
2013 Winners, David Lobb & Jim Bowie – Photo by M&H Photography, http://www.mandh-photography.co.uk

“On 9th November 2014 Chelmsford Motor Club will organise a single-venue Targa Rally at MoD Woodbridge, near Ipswich.

The Targa rally has a number of driving tests set out in different layouts which will vary in distance during the day. The average speed of the rally is limited to 30mph.

This event is designed and run by current Targa competitors, for competitors, and we hope you will enjoy your day.

We intend on using some out & out smooth gravel sections like last year which again will be driven in a standard organiser’s car before hand to check their roadworthiness.

We are hoping to give you approximately 35 test miles (each competitor). Double driving is encouraged and we will aim to give no advantage to the second driver, this will be explained in the finals and in the drivers briefing.

Please remember it is a fun event!

We are electing to run this event as closed-to-club – which avoids the need for an MSA competition licence, but means all competitors must produce a CMC club card at signing on. Please apply for membership via chelmsfordmc.co.uk/Membership if needed.

Cars must comply with R18, so engines can have a maximum of 4 cylinders. New 2014 MSA rule R18.2.5 allows forced-induction for petrol and diesel engines under 1500cc. Rule R18.6.6 for daylight road rallies allows cars to be more than one colour, and to carry up to 1250 sq cm of advertising (the area of 2 sheets of A4 paper) ONLY. Large logos will need to be removed or completely covered up. Towing eyes must be fitted and ready for use in case you break down.

There is an award for best historic if there are 5 or more entries with pre-1986 cars.

A souvenir M&H Photography photograph will be emailed to each competitor after the event, so please make sure you all provide correct email addresses.

Keep an eye on the forums for additional information.

Documentation: chelmsfordmc.co.uk/TargaRally/M%26HPhotography14