Leukaemia Historic & Targa 2013 Regs

Leukeamia“The organisers are very grateful for the enthusiastic help, support and facilities provided to us this year. This kind of gesture will enable us to provide a good day’s sport and furthermore continue with the vital fundraising for the Leukaemia Research Appeal for Wales.

The Leukaemia Historic Rally was introduced in 1991 and since has prided itself on the number and quality of Special Tests it provides for competitors. Ecurie Cymraeg are aware of problems such an event may cause on public roads on a summer Saturday and works towards containing as much of the event as possible on private land. Navigation is kept relatively simple for all to enjoy the event.

The purpose of this event is to provide enjoyment for those involved while broadcasting awareness of the needs for research into Leukaemia, the need for blood and bone marrow donations so important for treatment and to raise funds for The Leukaemia Research Appeal for Wales.

This year we introduce The Leukaemia Targa Rally for the more modern motor car with an engine capacity of 1400cc or less.

All disciplines of Motor Sport rely upon Marshals, without whom Motor Sport would be impossible. The responsibilities of a Marshal vary from event to event, especially in the different forms of rallying. Primarily the Marshal’s duty is to the safety of the Competitor, the Spectator, general public and the sport – not a small responsibility by any means.

Please appreciate what they are doing for you to enjoy yourself.

As this year marks the 10th anniversary of Sam Durbin’s passing, the Clerk of the Course intends this event to be a testament to him and the reason for creating the Leukaemia Historic Rally. Ecurie Cymraeg is working towards promoting one of the best Leukaemia’s ever!!!”

Documentation: http://leukaemiahistoricrally.wordpress.com/downloads/