Leukaemia Historic 2017 Regs

“The Leukaemia Historic Rally was created to address these issues. It with enormous thanks to those who have supported the rally as sponsors, marshals, landowners, residents and competitors that we have been far more successful than we envisaged 25 years ago. The rally has been instrumental in over £80k going into Leukaemia research.

Over this time there have been phenomenal advances in the treatment of Leukaemia and we would like to think that we have been of assistance.

Over the period we have entertained fantastic people to what we have intended to be a good day’s motor sport. Many have become close friends. Some have competed in most of the Leukaemias.

We have been very fortunate to have maintained the quality of Special Test we provide thanks to the benevolence of the many landowners. Unfortunately we were only able to use a four storey car park once before it was pulled down.

This Preface is basically a very sincere thanks to all who have contested the Leukaemia Historic Rally, to those who have always made it possible as Marshals and Officials and to those who have afforded us use of their back gardens to rally in.


The Organisation

Following the successful running in recent years of “The Leukaemia Targa Rally” for the more modern car, the event will once again be included for vehicles with a normally aspirated engine capacity of1 600cc or less. Once again this year within the event will be a challenge for minis where eligibility is from the very historic right through to the more modern BWM version.

All disciplines of Motor Sport rely upon Marshals, without whom Motor Sport would be impossible. The responsibilities of a Marshal vary from event to event, especially in the different forms of rallying. Primarily the Marshal’s duty is to the safety of the Competitor, the Spectator, general public and the sport – not a small responsibility by any means. Please appreciate what they are doing for you to enjoy yourself.”

Documentation: leukaemiahistoricrally.wordpress.com/downloads-2