Kidwelly MC Targa 2013 Regs

Kidwelly“Welcome to the Targa Rally, organised by Kidwelly Motor Club.

The event will consist of about 30 competitive miles of special tests throughout the whole of the Pembrey Circuit on private land. The route will be on metalled and un-metalled roads.

During the day we hope to run 6 “laps”, each lap containing five Tests Each Test will have a different format.

There are 60 entries available plus a reserve list of 15 entries. Entries will close on 24th August 2013.

The club would like to thank Mr. Phil Davis at Pembrey Circuit for the use of the venue and our sponsor, Mr. Jon Lewis, for his support.


The gate into the paddock of Pembrey Circuit will open at 5-30 am but will be CLOSED at 8 am so that the Tests can be set up. The gate will remain closed until the end of the rally.

So, all competitors, marshals and officials must enter before 8 am – no exceptions, sorry, setting up the Tests must be completed on time.

Spectators can enter the Pembrey Circuit at any time.”