Kick Start Rally of Derbyshire 2015 Regs

1st - Guy Robinson & Max Freeman - M&H
2014 Winners, Guy Robinson & Max Freeman – Photo by M&H Photography,

“A warm welcome to Matlock Motor Club’s 41st Rally of Derbyshire.

Once again we receive the enthusiastic support of current National Rally Champion Steve Perez and his company Global Brands Ltd. We look forward to meeting all our “regulars” again this year and we especially welcome any newcomers to this long-established Derbyshire classic.

This is always a popular event and we will offer a very similar format to previous years – a competitive route with several sections timed to the second, straightforward navigation and the usual smattering of “whites”, including a Walton Lodge special test. The event is being run on a navigational permit this year to reduce costs and administration – whilst this will (necessarily) mean some handouts, please do not let this put you off as they will be very straightforward.

We have dropped the “No Marshal No Start” requirement – that is not because we don’t want or need as many marshals but because it is more complicated to administer and may deter those crews from afar. Indeed, we would like you to bring as many marshals as possible and to assist us with giving you the best possible event we will give a cash back to any crew at £5 per control manned. We will require their contact details at least one week before the event and, of course, for them turn up and do their business – a marshal can only represent one crew per control manned and the organisers’ decision regarding the qualification for this credit will be final.

We are again raising funds for the Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Rutland Air Ambulance. Please try to make a contribution to this very worthy cause – you never know when any of us may need them! Either include a donation with your entry or use the collection box on the night of the rally.

Good luck and have fun!”