It’s Not The Boxing Day Rally 2016 Regs

“Welcome to the Ulster Automobile Club (UAC) It’s Not the Boxing Day Rally, which will be run in accordance with Motor Sports Association (MSA) Regulations and with the protocol prepared by the Association of Northern Ireland (ANICC) Targa Rally Monitoring Panel.

Start venue, Trailer Park location and Scrutiny venue will be advised in Final Instructions 1 which will be issued within one week of the event.

The event will comprise of a number of timed Special Tests which will run on private property.

Crews will be supplied with a Road Book containing tulip diagrams to navigate the route between Special Tests. Timing for Road Sections will be set to an easy schedule. A Special Test Book will also be supplied containing test diagrams and other relevant information. Tests have been designed on the basis of a 30mph average speed with measures such as stop boxes being used to ensure that bogey times are not beaten.”