Ilkley Jubilee 2013 Regs

Ilkley Jubilee“The Ilkley Jubilee Historic Rally is an 150 mile event on public roads in and around the scenic Yorkshire Dales for pre-1975 cars. Competitors are issued with navigational instructions which enable them to plot the correct route on Ordnance Survey maps, they then drive that route, maintaining preset average speeds between 20 and 30 mph. Manned time controls are located along the route, penalties are collected for arriving too early or too late at these controls, or missing them completely. These regularity sections are interspersed with special tests, where the driver’s skill and car control are further tested.

The event is a very sociable one, starting on the Sunday morning near Skipton stopping for a lunch halt and finishing back at Otley Rugby Club (North Leeds) where a supper precedes the announcement of results and awards presentation at around 8 pm. Crews travel from all over the country to compete so we have a social get together on the Saturday evening for those crews who travel up the day before the event.

So, if you want to have a go, you need a pre-1975 car, a driver and a navigator (both must have MSA National B Licences) . Everything else can be provided for you at very reasonable rates!

The rally is a round of the HRCR Clubmans Championship, ANWCC Historic Championship and the NESCRO Summer Series.”