Hughes Historic 2016 Regs

“The 2016 Hughes Rally on Sunday 5th June will again be based at the Homelands Football Stadium, at Kingsnorth, just south of Ashford, Kent, where Saturday evening and Sunday morning scrutineering and signing-on will take place.

This popular Kentish event will give prominence to the older cars, not only by using the class based test penalty system which was successfully trialled last year, but also by running the cars in age order, older cars first rather than seeding the most likely winners at the head of the field. We feel that this will help public relations by not sending all of the most impatient crews together at the head of the field to possibly alarm the public road users and residents before the more relaxed competitors arrive.

We have some great Special Tests planned again at Hole Park which we visited at lunchtime last year. The tests will use venues with a variety of surfaces, from tarmac to smooth grass.

Easy Regularity Sections will amble through the beautifully scenic Weald of Kent and venture across the notorious Romney Marsh. Our usual regularity section penalty scheme which restricts large errors will apply and all crews get a Joker to lose their worst road regularity lateness penalty.

The Hughes Historic Rally (National B-Historic) and the Hughes Club Rally (Clubmans-Targa) will run over the same route with the same tests and regularity sections.”