Eagle 2013 Regs

Newtown MC“Thank you for your interest in the Eagle Road Rally 2013. The event is running to raise money for the Air Ambulance, which is a very worthwhile cause, especially in this rural environment.

This year the Eagle will run once again as a road rally, using the classic lanes on Map 136. The event will be 100% pre-plot, using 6 figure grid references along with detailed 3 meter control diagrams and with ample time allowed for plotting. The organisers are current competitors on road events and have put together the type of event that they themselves would like to compete on.

All crews MUST supply a marshal, who must be signed on before they will be allowed to start the event. This rule will be strictly enforced. No marshal, no start.

We would like to thank all the sponsors, residents on the route, MSA, Local Authorities, The Elephant & Castle Hotel, Snax 24 Filling Station, the
RLO, marshals and the numerous other people without who this event could not take place.

We look forward to seeing both past and new competitors on the event.

The Organising Team”

Documentation: http://www.newtown-mc.co.uk/page_type3.asp?content=eagle