Doonhamer 2013 Regs

Doonhammer '13“Welcome to the fourth running of the Doonhamer Classic Rally.

The start and finish venue will again be the excellent Barony Agricultural College near Dumfries, where breakfast and dinner will be served in Rally HQ.

The route uses some of our already well established venues and no less than three fabulous new tests for 2013, connected by classic quiet roads in beautiful South West Scotland. During the event you will be challenged by at least 15 driving tests on a mix of tarmac, concrete and some gravel. The tests are of the “open” variety, with no reversing, designed to test the driver’s skill and not mental agility.

The road sections between each of the tests are traversed by using simple navigation from a tulip style road book. No maps should be required
to complete the route and there are no regularity sections.

Lunch will be taken at the Lockerbie Lorry Park where you will be able to watch your fellow competitors compete, as this test is tackled before and after lunch!

A hot meal of your choice, selected at signing on, will be served back at the Barony finish venue.

The Barony offers ample room for trailers as well as competing cars but please park considerately.

Finally we thank Galloway Industrial to whom we are indebted for their continued sponsorship and whose support has allowed us again to restrict the entry fee to a very attractive £90, inclusive of meals.

Many thanks to them and to the many landowners and officials who have helped to create this Doonhamer.”