Devils Own 2013 Regs

Kirkby Lonsdale MC“We have pleasure in inviting you to the Devils Own Classic Rally on March 17th.

The event consists of a Closed to Club Navigational Rally with tests and regularities open to all pre 1981 historic cars and  all cars complying with current road rally rules.

Accommodation is available at the HEAVES HOTEL during the weekend. Lunch will be provided and an evening meal after the event at the Heaves Hotel.

The format will be as planned for the aborted event last November. i.e. basically tests with a couple of regularities.

The regularities will be very simple and ideal for beginners. Some route information will be issued on route BUT not at the start of regularities – IT WILL NOT  be ‘Plot ‘n Bash’. Plotting will be by simple map references and each regularity contains some private land and/or not as map route, which will be arrowed if necessary.

No competition licence is required but entrants will have to be members of K.L.M.C. Membership will be included in the entry fee.

Fifty years ago a group of motoring enthusiasts joined together to form Kirkby Lonsdale Motor Club. The Devils Own Rally was one of the clubs first major events which was named unsurprisingly after Devils Bridge, a famous local landmark. The Devils Own Rally was one the toughest night rallies enjoying the status of Motoring News Championship for many years. The first Devils Own was won by Miss L.P.Reddy and Mr A.C. (Tony) Mason. Prince Michael of Kent, actually competed in 1973 when the Mexico championship brought a level of competition not seen in rallying before. A kind of royal seal of approval! Other notables were Tony Pond, Russell Brookes, Nigel Rockey and Louise Aitken-Walker who drove a course car.

Since those halcyon days of road rallying, competition has had to change. We introduced the Devils Own as a Historic event some ten years ago and settled into a relatively easy and enjoyable format over the last few years. The tests remain the same with an added  attempt to let people have a go at the dark art of regularity without too much pressure, while enjoying a scenic run round the spectacular Cumbrian countryside.

We look forward to seeing you and promise an enjoyable event for drivers and navigators.”