Debden Targa 2014 Regs

West Suffolk MC“On 8th June 2014 West Suffolk Motor Club Ltd. will promot e a single-venue Targa Rally at Carver Barracks, Debden near Saffron Walden. This will be the second of several Targa rallies at various venues in 2014 run by Chelmsford Motor Club, Wickford Auto Club and West Suffolk.

These events count towards the ANGLIA MOTOR SPORT CLUB TARGA CHALLENGE SERIES For which awards will be presented at the end of year.

The first event in the series has already taken place at MoD Woodridge at the end of March.

To meet rally regulations without needing an MSA competition licence the event has to be run as a closed-to-club event which means all competitors must produce a WSMC club card at signing on.

A WSMC competitors membership for 2014 is available for a fee of £1.00 to contestants who can prove they are a current member of another MSA registered motor club.

The Historic class has not been included in 2014 (as classes have to be ability-based) but events will offer an award for best historic if there are 5 or more entries with pre-1982 cars.

Please be aware that events of this type run as a Road rally and therefore competing vehicles have to comply to the appropriate regulations.”