Bomb A Long Targa 2016 Regs

“On Saturday 20 August 2016 West Suffolk Motor Club will organise a “Closed to Club” single-venue Targa Rally at Debden Airfield & Carver Barracks Wimbish Essex, in association with Anglia Motor Sport Club and Wickford Auto Club and Greenbelt MC.

Debden is home to the EOD “THE PEOPLE WHO DEAL WITH THINGS THAT GO BANG” of her Majesties Forces and we thank them for their co-operation in making the venue available to us for a days sport

The Targa Rally has a number of one to two mile driving tests set out in different layouts which will vary during the day. The permit for the event means that it is run as a closed-to-club event – which avoids the need for an MSA competition licence, but means all competitors must produce a club card of from the organising club at signing on.

The event will be qualifying round of the Anglia Motor Sport Club 2016 Targa Challenge

Anglia Motor Sport Club member clubs are:
Cambridge Car Club, Chelmsford Motor Club, Eastern Counties Motor Club, Falcon Motor Club, King’s Lynn and District Motor Club, Sporting Car Club of Norfolk, West Suffolk Motorsport Club and Wickford Auto Club. eco living and heating is continuing to sponsor the AMSC Targa Challenge in 2016.

Competition membership of the organising club is available at a cost of £1 if required.

The Targa Rally will be open to cars complying with Road Rally or Historic Road Rally rules. See SR 7 for more details.

MSA rule R18.2.5 allows forced-induction only for petrol and diesel engines under 1500cc.
Rule R18.6.6 for daylight road rallies allows cars to be more than one colour, and to carry up to 1250 sq cm of advertising (the area of 2 sheets of A4 paper) ONLY. Large logos will need to be removed or completely covered up.
Towing eyes must be fitted and ready for use in case you break down.

There is an award for best historic if there are 5 or more entries with pre-1986 cars.”