Beaver 2013 Regs

Beverley & District MC“Beverley & District Motor Club Ltd is once again running the Maple Garage Beaver Rally.

It will be a round of the ANCC, EMAMC and ANEMMC Road Rally Championships.

The organising team are again planning an event covering roads back in the traditional Maple Garage Beaver Rally territory using roads on OS Maps 101,106 & 107, covering approximately 130 miles and starting from Maple Garage, Sproatley.

There will be approximately 10 miles of ‘white’ roads, which will be of mixed surfaces, but not entirely smooth tracks. As usual, these have all been traversed in a standard car, but would still strongly recommend sump guards as some parts of these ‘whites’ may be less than smooth. Any particularly rough part will be preceded by a caution warning and/or Route Check board to slow you down.

As is becoming increasingly necessary on Road Rallies, the Organisers will take care to ensure that competitors are not required to drive at excessive speeds on the public highway.

Route Checks will also be used for safety, at SGW’s as we have done previously, as well as at some particular points of danger. (i.e. uneven road surface, bad bend, long straight)

That is our intention; hopefully we will come close to achieving this.”