Autumn Lanes 2014 Regs

Ballynahinch & DMC“Welcome to the Ballynahinch & District Motor Club Ltd Vanilla Clack Catering Autumn Lanes Rally.

This year the event will again run as a Targa Rally (a new category introduced in 2013 by the MSA). I would encourage you to read these Supplementary Regulations carefully because there may be some differences with other events you may have taken part in as we continue to work to harmonise our event to the Targa Rally Regulations.

We are aiming to have a fun day out that will help to introduce newcomers into the sport so we are keeping the navigation simple and the driving tests suitable for standard cars. This event will be decided mainly on the Driving Tests (Special Tests). To keep the event moving along there is a prescribed route between the tests and a time schedule (referred to as Schedule Timing in the MSA Blue Book). These will be described in the Road Book which will use simple tulip diagram navigation and help will be available at the start for novice or first time navigators.

As ever we are indebted to landowners for the use of their lands as test sites and the event this year will combine some old favourites along with some new challenges.

Last year we had a full entry plus a reserve list and unfortunately some people were disappointed not to get a run. Complete and fully paid entries will take priority when we seed the start list and entries will be taken in order of receipt – SO GET YOUR ENTRY IN NOW!

-Tests are timed and will run on privite ground, with a mixture of tarmac, concrete, gravel, mud and grass. Tests may pass through lanes, yards and other open spaces.
-Bogey times (minimum time penalty) are set at 30mph average, so there are some measure to try to make sure no-one beats them. These may included chicanes, slaloms, stop boxes and the occasional 360.
-Code Boards will no be used on Tests.
-Test information will be given in the form of diagrams, tulips and other information.
-Cars must stop astride the finish line (same finish procedure as autotests)
-No reversing should be required.
-Around 20 tests have been planned for the day.
-Cars will start the event at one minute intervals.
-There will be no ‘recce’ or walking of tests, crews will complete them blind.
-Although there are sections on the public road, these are set to a very easy schedule (if you arrive early at an MTC you will be able to wait for your due time).
-The entry fee includes a bacon butty breakfast for both crew members.”