Ross Traders 2016 Regs

“Welcome to the Ross Traders Historic Rally and Targa Rally 2016.

After a number of years starting in the Forest of Dean, we are reverting to Ross Livestock Centre for the start this year. Many of you will know that this means a test to kick off with (which you may walk beforehand) and one of the best breakfasts around.

We are returning to Whitfield for some popular tests on good asphalt roads.

Throughout all the tests, we will retain our Solo-style numbered and arrowed cones system to help show the route.

The total event route will be about 140 miles. This includes 9 tests and 117 miles of regularity, split into seven sections. One long and one short section will be simple plot & bash, while another will be ‘ready to go’ – meaning you will have the first five miles or so pre-plotted, and have the rest given to you as you start from the RS control. The other four will be Pre-plot. None of the navigation on the 2016 event will be difficult.

Navigators will be working hard, but it won’t be hard work! Rally packs will be distributed on completion of documentation on Friday or Saturday, and these will contain the Master Schedule etc – in fact everything except the regularity navigation.

Novices will receive some navigational tips in their final instructions so that they will know exactly what to expect. Our website will cont ain some navigational information from previous years to give you a flavour.

We are limiting the maximum loss at any regularity control to one minute. However, we are not using the ‘joker’ system of deleting a crew’s worst regularity lateness penalty. There is nothing in the Blue Book in historic road rallying to preclude a Category 4 car from being considered for the overall win, so that is fine by us!

The entry fee this year includes a super ploughman’s lunch, and after-event hot meal at our own clubhouse in Ross-on-Wye town centre where the bar will be open while the results are being calculated. As always, there is no charge for using roads which offer views over the spectacular scenery of the peaceful county of Herefordshire.

There is a web entry system, so you may enter online and pay your entry fee by BACS to the Club Account. Details in ASR 10. You may, of course, prefer to enter by post including a cheque in the traditional way. Whichever way you enter, we look forward to entertaining you on the Ross Traders this year, whether that be in a historic car or Targa compliant car up to 1400cc.”