It’s Not The Boxing Day Rally 2015 Regs

“Rally Breakfast

We know you’ve probably eaten far too much over the Christmas holidays, but please join us in The Tannery on Saturday morning for breakfast. A complimentary Ulster Buffet Breakfast for both Competitors and Officials will be available while vehicle scrutiny and documentation checks are being carried out.

Younger Competitors

For those who are still young enough to believe in Santa, the Organising Team have wrapped up some Christmas presents…

You’ll see in Paragraph 11 that there may be a loading for drivers who are under 20. The Organising Team will pay any loading you may incur due to your young age. You will still need to let the Secretary know that you are under 20 so that the insurance company can calculate your loading, but we will then pay that age – related loading for you.

For those under 18, the Event will pay your UAC Membership fee if you need to join the Club to compete.

… and you didn’t even have to write a letter to Santa!”