Hexham Historic 2017 Regs

“I am pleased to announce Hexham Motor Club will be running the event on the weekend of the 25th and 26th of February 2017.

There is a new organising team, with myself being COC (Jonathon Webb) and Ali Proctor being assistant COC

The entries will be limited to 40 on the John Robson and 20 on the Hexham Historic.

We will be using a few miles of whites for those who like the loose, there will be nothing too rough, so don’t be put off, although you may want to use knobblies and a sump guard if you fancy being particularly flamboyant.

Both Me and Ali are current competitors, and are putting on an event we would both love to compete on. So plotting will be easy (a mixture of pre plot and plot and bash) and the roads will be challenging.

Lastly, one of the joys of Northumbria, and what makes our event unique, is our quiet roads. So once again we will be doing our traditional early start and we hope to have the first car away at 9pm.

We look forward to your support and seeing you on the event”

Documentation: www.hexhammotorclub.co.uk