Bagger 2017 Regs

“VCRR are pleased to announce that they will promote a road rally starting and finishing in the Taunton area on the 21st -22nd January 2017, the event will have a mileage of not less than 150 miles using classic sections of maps 193 and 181. The rally will be run within the spirit of the previous Bournemouth and Carpetbagger rallies. The rally will use no nonsense navigation, but a good result will rely on good driving, accurate navigation / time keeping skills and a reliable car.

Not unlike competitors in recent times, things move on for organisers as well and the event will have to adapt to the new age of road rallying procedures and requirements, however we are confident that we can re-produce the magic of previous events that made them so popular. But the organisation will make every effort to keep the spirit of the classic rallies of the past.

One such issue is we can not produce full regulations or accept entries before a permit is issued, the MSA rules are fairly clear that permits for 2017 will not be issued before late November 2016.

As we have already received a number of enquiries for entries, our way forward is to give a brief description below of the event with a form to reserve an entry which will be confirmed when permits allow.

We hope to welcome you to Taunton in January.”